Y Cynefin

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Y Cynefin Oil Painting 60 x 30 cm Deer Painting


Original painting 'Y Cynefin' on canvas 60 x 30 cm

I used the water mixable oil paints from Winsor & Newton Artisan to paint this deer.

Signed on the front and dated on the back.

Whenever I paint I enjoy the peace and the effect of color on my soul. There is nothing more relaxing and no better therapy for me.

I want my painting to reach other people and bring a little of my joy to people's hearts and homes.

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60 x 30 cm             23 x 11"


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Ölfarbe und Liebe auf bespanntem Keilrahmen. 
Versiegelt für eine maximale Haltbarkeit, Farb- und Lichtechtheit.
Signiert auf der Vorderseite- und Datiert auf der Rückseite.
Hochwertiger Holzrahmen.

Oil paints and Love on stretched canvas.
sealed and varnished for maximum duration of paints and surface.
Signed on the front and dated on the backside.
high quality wood frame

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